MDM Auto enroll error 0x80192efd

MDM Auto enroll error 0x80192efd

GPO auto enroll

When trying to use group policy to MDM Auto enroll a co-managed device you may come across the error 0x80192efd in task scheduler Microsoft > Windows > EnterpriseMGMT

Or you may see the error in the event log viewer Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagementEnterpriseDiagnosticsProvider

Event ID: 71 – Auto MDM Enroll: Device Credential (0x1), Failed *Unknown Win32 Error code: 0x80192efd)

This error is most likely related to your proxy settings. Depending on how you configured enrollment within Group Policy. For example you have the ability to configure auto MDM enroll for Device Credentials or User Credentials. Using Device Credentials will utilise the NT\SYSTEM account to enroll and therefore you may need to set the system proxy on your device.

You can set the system proxy using a command prompt by typing netsh winhttp set proxy [replace with your proxy settings].

To view your current system proxy settings type the following in a command prompt: netsh winhttp show proxy

Further troubleshooting can be found at

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