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Printing Errors

Printing Errors

If you ever face issues with printing, in most cases the print driver is the culprit. It’s always best to restart the computer which in turn restarts the print spooler service that controls printing. If this fails and you continue to receive errors ensure that the printer is turned on and power cycle the printer. Failing this you can forcefully remove all print drivers safely from your computer which does resolve most issues which are encountered. Print drivers can be temperamental and difficult to diagnose, googling can leave you chasing your tail without no avail. Before progressing ensure you have a copy of your print driver which is available from the manufactures website. Newer printers are able to download their drivers automatically. The print repository has remained the same with Windows 10.

Removing print drivers

1. Stop the Printer Service (Spool)

Click Start and type ‘services.msc’ or press the Windows  + R keys on your keyboard and in the Run box type ‘services.msc’

Find the ‘Print Spooler’ services from the services window. Right click the print spoiler service and click ‘Stop’.

2. Remove all print drivers

Click the Windows + R key on your keyboard and now in the run box type the below path and press enter


Within this directory, select all the files and delete them, some files may not delete but you can safely ignore this. If you receive errors abou the files still in use ensure that step one was compeleted and the print spooler service is stopped.

3. Restart the print spoiler service

As with step one, head back into the services window but now right click the ‘Print Spooler’ service and click ‘Start’

4. Install your Print Drivers again.

In most cases your printers will remain, so you can head into Control Panel > Devices and Printers. To get to Devices and Printers, again press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard and type ‘Control’ the in the Control Panel window click on ‘Devices and Printers’.

Your printer should show up again in most cases, so you can right click on your printer and click ‘Printing Properties’ in the properties window click ‘Print Test Page’, you will be promoted to install your print driver again, most newer printers will automically install the latest drivers, otherwise you will need to select your print driver you downloaded from the manufactures website or run the executable file that you download and following the wizard.

If your printers don’t show up automatically your will need to add them again.

Alternatively stopping the print spooler service and running the below command will remove all your print drivers.

Note: You will need to install print drivers for all your printers not just the printer you are having issues for as we have removed all the print drivers from the Windows repository.

Run the below command as an Admin:

printui /s /t2